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If you get an email from the “IRS” on the Making Work Pay tax credit, do not reply!

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Your identity might be compromised or even stolen. There are scam artists lurking out there in cyberspace posing as the IRS and sending emails explaining how you can get tax credit refunds directly deposited into your bank account. The fraudsters ask individuals to reply with their bank account numbers, which they then steal.

How do we know these emails are fraudulent? Well, the reason why is a simple fact. That is, the IRS never initiates conversations with taxpayers via email. Employers should keep this in mind and make absolute certain to tell employees this as well.

What the fraudsters are doing is called phishing.

Phishing emails tend to come from a well known entity (i.e. the IRS or a large bank that everyone has heard of). In almost all cases, the phishing emails will tell you to click on a link to a website. When you get to the website, it will ask for your personal information (i.e. credit card number, bank account number or SSN).

What should we do if we get one of these phishing emails?

 The IRS has asked us to forward any suspicious emails to the address phishing@irs.gov.

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