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Is manual benefit administration taking up HR’s time?

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One of the quickest and most effective ways to reduce the time costs and complexities of administering your employees’ benefits is eliminating manual, paper-based administration entirely. Manual benefit administration is highly labor intensive, stressful and is an inefficient use of HR staff time. It also places HR Departments at risk for costly (and avoidable) errors and compliance-related penalties.

Our cutting-edge, digital HR management solution The HR in a Box™, helps small-to-mid size companies decrease operating costs and makes it easier for HR teams to avoid errors of interpretation through its clear, consistent message communication from a single source. The HR in a Box™ also creates more flexibility for both employers and employees through self-service.

The HR in a Box™ will greatly reduce the amount of time your company’s HR team spends administering and communicating benefits. This will allow your HR staff to focus on more essential roles such as recruiting and retaining top talent, coaching managers on how to manage more effectively, training employees and a wide variety of other tasks that will help your company grow.

In short, an employer will get more value from his or her HR staff when they are not mired in benefit administration. If the employer does not have a formal HR Department, and has instead parsed HR roles out to other employees (i.e. a Controller or Finance Director, even an Office Manager), they can still benefit immensely from The HR in a Box™. With The HR in a Box™, these companies will have streamlined benefit administration plus legal and compliance resources just a click away to inform even their toughest HR decisions.

Wouldn’t it be great to cut time costs by eliminating manual benefit administration via The HR in a Box™?

Visit our website, http://www.universalbenefitplans.com to learn more and schedule a free product demo.

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