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The HR in a Box™ HR Forums allow employers to tap into seasoned policy and compliance expertise.

No HR decisions concerning policy violations or job performance ever occur in a vacuum.  Wrongful terminations are often grounds for legal action, especially when injury, illness and disability are involved. HR Managers face complex scenarios every day, especially given the current economy where cost cuts and layoffs are occurring more frequently than ever. 

The HR in a Box™’s HR Forum allows experienced and novice HR professionals alike to make complicated judgment calls backed by the advice and support of HR experts. The Forum’s most vibrant participants make themselves available and accessible to answer your toughest questions based on prior knowledge and past experience.  Do you ever feel uncertain because the HR decisions you’re making for your company are based on zero precedent? With the HR Forum, this will no longer be the case. Many of our participants have been human resources professionals for more than a decade and can speak from multiple experiences with your most taxing situations.

HR Forum participants are employed in all 50 states so state-specific discipline, performance, termination and policy issues can be accurately addressed on a state-by-state basis. Do you know the subtleties of your state’s employment laws and regulations? If you’re unsure about these, let our Forum experts clarify the essential information for you. Think of the HR Forum like being back in school only now, when you have a question, thousands of “teachers” from across the nation will hear you ask it.

Universal Benefit Plans’ leading-edge employee benefits and HR management solution The HR in a Box™ not only strengthens your HR decision-making capabilities through expert opinion and accurate, up-to-the minute information delivery, it also eliminates manual benefits administration, empowers employees through 24/7 self-service access to clear and comprehensive benefits communication and serves as a mechanism for uniform delivery of HR communication.


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